Fort Pulaski NM


Fort Pulaski was built on Cockspur Island to guard the approach to Savannah.  Construction started in 1829 and was finished in 1847.  On January 3, 1861, Georgia's governor ordered the state militia to take control of Fort Pulaski.  Georgia seceded from the Union on January 19,1861.  At that time, Georgia turned the fort over to the Confederate State of America.








On April 10, 1861, Union troops had gained control of and positioned cannon on Tybee Island at a distance of one mile from the fort.  Traditional cannon could not bother the fort at one mile distance, by the Union Army also had 10 new rifled cannons which proved disastrous for the fort.  After 30 hours of Union shelling, the results of which can be partially seen in the pictures, the fort surrendered.
















Fort Pulaski is a member of the Third System of the US's coastal defenses.  The approximately 30 forts in this system were built in the early part of the 19-century.























Cockspur Island Lighthouse

The lighthouse is within the Fort Pulaski National Monument grounds.  It is a 46-foot tall structure that was constructed in 1856 to replace a previously damaged lighthouse.  The land beyond the lighthouse is Tybee Island, from which Fort Pulaski was bombarded on April 10 and 11, 1861.


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